High Energy Physics, Dark Matter, Neutrino Physics and Cosmology

Scientific activities of the various Research Units

LNGS - Gran Sasso National Laboratory

  • Dark matter candidates: their properties in the light of precision cosmological tests and their experimental searches.
  • Baryon number violation: direct experimental search and implications for baryogenesis.
  • Naturalness problems of the electroweak scale, with and without supersymmetry.
  • Predictive models for the masses and mixing of fermions (including neutrinos) and flavor problem.


  • Dark Matter searches: direct, indirect in astro-physics, at colliders.
  • Understanding the origin of the electroweak scale (supersymmetry, composite Higgs, alternative concepts of naturalness).
  • Higgs physics and Standard Model physics at ultra-high energies.
  • Flavor physics.


  • Studies of extensions of the standard electroweak model that address the issues of naturalness, the origin of the quark and lepton flavor structure and dark matter with or without low energy supersymmetry.
  • Precision constraints from rare flavor and CP violating processes.
  • Composite Higgs and partial compositeness. Higgs and top quark physics at the LHC.
  • Dark matter searches at the collider.
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