SPIF Studio di Precisione delle Interazioni Fondamentali
Precision Studies of Fundamental Interactions in the Standard Model and beyond


The project SPIF (Precision Studies of Fundamental Interactions) is focussed on the phenomenology of elementary particle physics at present high-energy facilities such as the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), at future colliders and in neutrino oscillation experiments.
The project has three main research lines: flavor physics, Higgs, QCD and EW physics at the LHC and at future colliders, the study of the proton structure. The analysis of the CKM matrix elements and of the rare decays of the heavy quarks are at the core of the flavor physics studies, aiming at an accurate determination of CP violation in the SM and in its extensions and at the identification of possible new physics signals. The accurate evaluation of the cross sections for the production of the Higgs and EW gauge bosons, as well as hadronic final states, at hadron colliders is a crucial step to test the gauge and scalar sectors of the SM Lagrangian. These calculations include the effects of QCD and EW higher-order radiative corrections at fixed order in perturbation theory, but also via the resummation to all orders of entire classes of corrections, both analytically and numerically. The knowledge of the proton structure, parameterized in terms of parton distribution functions (PDFs), and including the effects due to higher-order QCD but also EW corrections, is a basic ingredient for the prediction of any observable at a hadron collider.