An agreement between INFN and the National Supercomputing Consortium
CINECA allows INFN theory researchers to access a limited budget of core hours via with a simplified procedure.

Each CSN4 project can design a spokesperson who will inform the manger of the agreement of the requested budget. The requests are discussed and assigned in meetings held two or three times a year. The person responsible of the agreement is Leonardo Cosmai, of the Bari section. 

Right now the accessible machines at CINECA are the standard Unix cluster Galileo and the IBM/BG/Q system Fermi.
However, the systems will be soon upgraded.

The deadline for the next request of computing resources will be  ??/??/2016.


Resource assignement for January-June 2016 (FERMI)

Resource assignement for January-Juone 2016 (GALILEO)



Map of INFN facilities

Next meeting

March 31 - April 1, 2020, Galileo Galilei Institute (Arcetri-Florence)

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