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Nowadays molecular biology tries to pursue the study of microscopic mechanisms but ignores the dynamical laws that drive them. We think that this approach is inadequate to clarify many significant scientific problems.
We think that biological objects are essentially nonlinear complex systems, which exhibit synergetic response to changes of environmental factors. Only appropriate methods, based on nonlinear dynamics and taking into account the complex hierarchical nature of biological systems, can be employed for the correct modelling of processes in living matter.
From an experimental point of view the physics of the living objects should be based on the measurements of quantities that could have the characteristics of collective mode and are connected with the living state.
Between such a quantities the electromagnetic fields could have a relevant role, as Fröhlich claimed several years ago. So measuring electromagnetic spectra of the living objects in a wide frequencies range one could aspect to get significant information on the their physics.
Our mission is to explore this possibility.


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