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Research on Delayed Luminescence
Research on the effects of Electromagnetic Fields and Measurements
Research on Single Photon Counting Equipments
Research on the effects of Ionizing Radiations
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare - Laboratori Nazionali del Sud
University of Catania
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Convegno su "Biofotoni ed energia per la vita" -

Welcome to the EMIL research group website!

We are studying, from a physical point of view, a broad range of biological phenomenon, trying to uncover on which basis the biological systems really work.

Our vision is that nonlinear phenomena and the fundamental laws defining their behavior are essential in order to understand biology.
Due to the close connection existing between the physics parameters we studied and the physiological state of living systems we are also developing many applications our researches.
Our activity is carried out in the frame of Department of Physics and Astronomy of Catania University and of Laboratori Nazionali del Sud of INFN.
EMIL consists of 4 full time researchers supported by several co-workers   in the frame of a wide international network of scientific cooperation.


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