We are conducting researches in the medical field trying to correlate the emission of Delayed Luminescence with the functional state of mitochondria; we are developing a new system for time-resolved single photon acquisition; we are deepening the effects of ionizing radiation on seeds and cell cultures.


  • We're working to convalidate, with high statistical reliability, the correlation between delayed luminescence and the coming apoptotic state of tumoral cell cultures following pharmacological treatments. If achieved, this results should demonstrate a feature predictive of delayed luminesce allowing to realize a low cost and powerful tool in pharmacology and medicine.
  • We're working to validate the correlation between the delayed luminescence and the functionality of cellular mitochondria and in particular with the complex I of respiratory chain.
  • We're searching to study the water structure and its organitation in the cells using the correlation of delayed luminescence with water structures.
  • We're studing the effect of RF electromagnetic fields on human astrocytes trying to individuate the origin of the eventual damaging.

 Technological research:

  • We're developing a portable equipment for spectral time resolved acquisitions with single photon sensitivity in the range 185÷850 nm.

 Other researches:

  • We're studing the effect of ionizing radiation on seeds and cell cultures, irradiating them with a 12C beam of energy 62MeV/A.

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