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Associate Professor of Applied Physics 
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 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
 +39 095 542 464

  +39 095 378 5429

 INFN - Laboratori Nazionali del Sud, via S.Sofia 62, 95123 Catania, Italy

 Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia, via Santa Sofia, 64, 95123 Catania, Italy


Born: August 21, 1956, Catania, Italy. Married with a daughter.

Nationality: Italian

Academic Qualification: 1980 - Degree in Physics at the University of Catania

Academic Position:

-       Senior Researcher at Institute of Physics, Catania University, since February 1985

-       Physics Lecturer at Faculty of Engineering, Catania University, since November 1992

-       Associate Professor of Experimental Physics at Department of Physics and Astronomy, Catania University, since November 2002

-       Member of the Academic Board of the PhD course in Engineering Physics (2000-2010), PhD in Biotechnology (2010-2015) and PhD in Complex Systems for Physical, Socio-economic and Life Sciences (2016) of the University of Catania

Scientific Interests:

  • Optical properties of surfaces for thermal conversion of solar energy.
  • Interaction of electromagnetic waves and rough metal surfaces.
  • Diffraction gratings as generators of sub-millimeter waves.
  • Spontaneous and photo-induced ultra-weak photon emission from living systems
  • Non chemical intercellular communication
  • Theoretical model of delayed luminescence
  • Application of delayed luminescence in agriculture, ecology and medicine
  • Development of innovative instrumentation for delayed luminescence measurements
  • Delayed luminescence as a tool to investigate water structuring


-        142 papers on international journals and scientific books,

-        147 communications to national and international scientific meetings


-        Invited talks:

  • Institute of Cell Biophysics Pushchino (Russia, 2000);
  • International Workshop on ENERGY AND INFORMATION TRANSFER IN BIOLOGICAL SYSTEMS: How Physics Could Enrich Biological Understanding (Acireale, Catania, 2002);
  • NATO Advanced Research Workshop on “Molecular Self-Organization in Micro-, Nano,and Macro Dimensions: from Molecules to Water, to Nanoparticles, DNA and Proteins” (Kyiv, Ukraine, 2008);
  • 6° Material’s Day (Rostock, Germany, 2010);
  • Ultra-weak Photon Emission From Living Systems – from mechanism to application conference (Olomouc, Czech Republic, 2013);

She has participated in several research projects, including:

  • Project ISR-2 "Detection by enzymatic biosensors and ultra-weak radiation measurements " in the CLUSTER 11 - Environment and Territory funded by the Ministry of Education as part of the research networks reinforcementin depressed areas;
  • Project "DELOS - Delayed Luminescence for Optical Screening" funded by the INFN group V at the INFN-LNS.
  • POR Sicilia 2000-2006. Measure 3:15 subaction Project: "Analysis by photoluminescence," implementation of the system BioSinFo (bioluminescence single photon)
  • Project PRIN 2008 "Study of in vitro models thyroid tumors the receptor for transferrin-I by a new spectroscopic technique based on photo-induced luminescence" within the project "The transferrin receptor type I: a potential biomarker for new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies in thyroid cancers "

She has been:

  • Scientific Coordinator of the research projects "Delayed Luminescence: applications to biophysics," and "Interaction of electromagnetic fields and biological systems", funded as University Research .
  • Tutor of a two-year Research Fellowship, funded by the Faculty of Engineering, University of Catania, connected to the research project "Modeling and application aspects of the ultra-weak photo-induced luminescence emitted by biological systems"
  • Tutor of a one-year Research Fellowship, funded by CSFNSM, related to the research project "Study of a resistive anode for use in online imaging."
  • Principal investigator of the project “Organization and coherent dynamics in liquid water” funded by the catania University as FIR2014 Call.


  • Department of Physics and Astronomy
  • Sicilian Centre for Nuclear Physics and Condensed Matter (CSFNSM)
  • Southern National Laboratory of the National Institute for Nuclear Physics (LNS-INFN)
  • Italian Society of Pure an Applied Biophysics (SIBPA)
  • European Society for Photobiology (ESP).
  • Italian Society for Physics (SIF)



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