NUMEN collaboration is pleased to inform that the comunications:

"Characterization of first prototypes of thin targets for the NUMEN experiment" Vittoria Capirossi (DISAT, Turin Polytechnic and INFN-Turin)

"Study of nucleon-transfer in 18O + 76Se collision at 270 MeV in the context of the NUMEN project" , Irene Ciraldo (DFA "E.Majorana", University of Catania and INFN-LNS)

"Progettazione della camera di scattering del Progetto NUMEN" , Diego Sartirana (INFN-Turin)

presented at the 106th National Congress SIF 2020 by Dr Vittoria Capirossi, Dr Irene Ciraldo and Dr Diego Sartirana have been awarded with the publication in "Gold Open Access" on a special issue "Colloquia and Communications in Physics" of  the journal "Il Nuovo Cimento".  


NUMEN collaboration congratulates them!