General Instructions regarding mobility and economic terms

Mobility of the graduate students
Any trip needs to be authorized beforehand. It suffices to fill out the appropriate form (available at the administrative secretarial office or at the secretary of the graduate school), have it signed by the Coordinator and eventually the head of funding in case the expenses are to be charged to funding different from that of the graduate school, and hand it to the administrative secretarial office before leaving. The request for authorization needs to fulfill also in case no reimbursement of expenses will be requested. Part of the expenses (travelling, accommodation and subscription quote) can be anticipated if they are documented (cost estimate of Traveling Agency, request for payment of subscription quote by the Convention’s organization, hotel price lists). In case such anticipation is requested, the request for authorization needs to be presented at least 15 days before leaving.

Travelling expenses
The reimbursement of the travelling expenses for trips by train or other means of transport should be within the limits of the costs of a first-class ticket. For trips by train, also the bed, obligatory supplementary expenses and seat reservation are included. For trips by plain economy class is allowed. The reimbursement of the travelling expenses can only occur if the original tickets together with the boarding passes are presented. If the travelling ticket does not include the price, reimbursement can only occur if also the invoice of the Travelling agency is included. (According to Art. 74 of the Law 633/72, agencies have to release an invoice if it is requested beforehand.) In case of loss, the reimbursement is only allowed if a copy of the ticket can be presented together with a self-made statement (autodichiarazione) in correspondence with the Italian Law 15 of 4/1/68. When using urban and extra-urban public transportation, the reimbursement of the corresponding expenses is allowed if the relative tickets, including the price and date (resulting from the validation), are presented. Also the use of taxis can be reimbursed, as long as the expenses are justified by a valid fiscal document (a numbered and dated fiscal receipt including the name and the TAV number of the owner, indications of the journey, the due amount, indication of tax exclusion). The use of one’s own means of transport cannot be allowed as the necessary Academy insurance is reserved for the Universities personnel only.

Physics Department forms (travel expenses, seminar reinbursements, ecc…).

Accommodation and living expenses
Food expenses, including snacks, within the limit of L118.000 per day in Italy, or 100 Euro per day abroad are reimbursed. These limitations are halved if the trip lasts for less than 12 hours during a day. The expenses need to be proved by an invoice and/or a fiscal receipt which specify the nature of the rendered service. Fiscal receipts are accepted for reimbursement, as long as the order is specified. For meals consumed abroad, the documentation needs to include the name of the owner, the paid sum and the reason for payment. The hotel expenses can be reimbursed upon presenting the invoice and/or fiscal receipt, specifying the nature of the rendered service. The corresponding reimbursement cannot exceed the maximum allowed limit of L250000 in Italy, and 250 Euro abroad. Also an invoice of a traveling agency regarding hotel services can be reimbursed, as long as it includes the exact name and address of the used hotel structure and the nature of the rendered service. In case the trip covers a period longer than one month in the same location, accommodation expenses in touristic or hotel residences can be reimbursed. The expense limits described above remain applicable. The expenses of an apartment can be reimbursed if they turn out to be more convenient than a hotel and if they are documented by a regular registered contract.

The Conference subscription fee can be reimbursed if it is documented by a receipt. In case the receipt was released by an Italian Company or Institution it has to be a fiscally valid document, thus including the name and social number of the organizing institute, and, in case some tax-exclusion rule applies, the according terms should be specified and, in case the due amount exceeds L150.000, a revenue stamp of L2500 should be applied. In order to request for a reimbursement one needs to fill out the according form together with the above listed documentation, a certificate of the Conference or visited Institute and a brief report on the activity carried out (approved by the Coordinator), and deliver these documents to the administrative secretarial office.