Teaching activities

The PhD students of the 2nd and 3rd year of PhD can perform limited subsidiary and supplementary teaching activities which should in no case compromise the research training activities, at the Physics Department, at other Departments of the “Sapienza” University or at the Departments of other Universities of Rome. Such activity needs to be authorized by the Teaching Board which will also establish the means. The graduate students of the third year may perform teaching activities only during the courses of the first term. The graduate student commits him/herself to coordinate the lecture hours and the other activities carried out at the Physics Department. The remuneration of the graduate student is all-inclusive (and on a flat rate basis) and commensurate with the amount of lecture hours held, and is subordinate to the corresponding declaration of the responsible professor. It is the task of the teacher of the course to provide the graduate student with the necessary help to prepare the exercise lectures. The teaching activity is at the expense of the Physics Department also for the courses held at other CCL.