ESC 2022

The thirteenth edition of the ESC School will be held from the 3rd to the 8th of October 2022.

More information including registration details, organisation, application procedure and deadline are available here (Indico website)

The deadline for applications to ESC22 is: 4 September 2022

For any other information send an email to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Welcome to ESC:

School on Efficient Scientific Computing


The aim of the ESC school is to offer the participants the opportunity to improve their computing competences, learning from qualified and experienced scientists how to best exploit modern hardware and software technologies in their daily scientific work.

The program proposes introductory lectures on trends in hardware architectures and parallel programming, with more in-depth lessons on modern C++, effective memory usage, floating-point computation and programming in a heterogeneous world combining multi-threading, GPUs and clusters.

The school is organized as a small class of about 30 students, alternating lectures, hands-on sessions and self-managed time slots for the best learning experience, with lecturers available during the whole week for insights and discussions.

Now at the 13th edition, the school has already welcomed hundreds of students, always with a very high appreciation.


"I really enjoyed the possibility to interact directly with the experts, ask questions, get information during a chat in the coffee break, as well as the well organized consolidation sessions. It was great also the panoramic view of the different options about optimization and parallelization, from simple vectorization, to more complex offloading of processes."
(ESC21 participant)

"I really enjoyed the variety of the lessons arguments. In my future projects I definitely will employ some of the techniques shown during this school. The hands on lessons were also very useful to fix the notions right away."
(ESC21 participant)

"The location of the school was exceptional: Bertinoro is simply incredible!
I think the School contents were really useful. The professors seemed very competent and capable to teach such an amount of notions in few days, which is not always the case."
(ESC21 participant)

"Lectures had a didactic approach: they were lessons, not only presentations. Tutors were clear and always available for further explanations."
(ESC19 participant)

"Learning by doing is the only approach that really works and it is the motto of this school."
(ESC19 participant)

"The scientific and social environment has been great, large support from both students and teachers. Large variety of topics, satisfying interests and everybody’s curiosity. The school totally matched my expectations of enlarging my knowledge and gain some experience in other computing topics."
(ESC18 participant)

 "The school introduced the latest C++17 standard. Consolidation time slots were a nice introduction to the school.
Three parallel computing approaches threading, CUDA (GPU) and MPI were introduced at the same time which is a very good approach.
Instructors were friendly and helped as much as they could."

(ESC18 participant)

IDC Special Studies for the European Commission #SR03S

"... sustained performance leadership on real-world high performance computing applications and workloads
will be determined far more by software advances than by hardware progress..."