The KEST (K-Edge Spectral micro-Tomography) project aims at proposing a K-edge Computed Tomography (CT) setup based on a conventional X-ray source and the photon counting CdTe detector Pixirad-I/Pixie-III. With accurate tuning of energy thresholds and source settings, the proposed setup is able to produce in a single exposure two images (one above and one below) the K-edge of a specific element, such as e.g. a contrast agent. Doing so, the contrast and virtual non-contrast images are available in a single acquisition. This opens to potential applications of this technique for in vivo spectral small animals imaging.



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Conference proceedings

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Official beamtime has been awarded at Elettra, ESRF, and Diamond Light Source.


For more information please contact: francesco.brun@ts.infn.it.