Seminario V.G.M. Puletti

10 Dicembre 2019@16:30–17:30
Aula Bohr - Plesso Fisica

Valentina Giangreco M. Puletti

University of Iceland – Reykjavk (Iceland)

Title: Entanglement measures in generalised quantum Lifshitz modelsAbstract:
I will discuss the computation of entanglement measures in
generalised quantum Lifshitz models. These are free field
theories with Lifshitz scaling symmetry which extend the (2+1)-
dimensional quantum Lifshitz model to higher dimensions, and
provide us with simple models for non-relativistic critical
theories. I will introduce entanglement entropy and logarithmic
negativity (which are entanglement measures suitable for systems
in a pure and mixed state respectively), outline their
computation in generalised quantum Lifshitz theories, and
compare the results with the conformal case.