String Theory and Fundamental Interactions


The purpose of this research project is to promote the study of (super-symmetric) gauge theories and of string theory with particular emphasis on their non-perturbative aspects. The main tools that will be used to go beyond perturbation theory in gauge theories and to get a handle on their strongly coupled dynamics are the super-symmetric protection mechanisms and the realizations of gauge theories in superstring theory, both holographically and in the framework of geometric engineering. The primary challenge of this project is to establish a more solid and predictive connection among the various aspects of this research field, ranging from a prompted interest in its more formal aspects to more applicative topics. This project will be devoted to explore in particular the following main interrelated subjects:
A) Exact results in super-symmetric quantum field theories
B) Non-perturbative effects in gauge and string theories
C) Aspects of superstring theory, compactification and applications
This research project will promote collective elaboration of theoretical models within a rapidly evolving context, which requires close contact and frequent interactions among scientists. Thus, in order to increase collaborations among the participating teams and mutual information exchange, we plan to organize common activities, for example informal periodic meetings and an internal blog, and to promote mobility of the participants and exchanges of students.