Open problems in the Standard Model

Scientific activities of the various Research Units


  • Composite Higgs Phenomenology
    We are making use of a calculable model to study CHMs at the LHC Run2 and future colliders. We are also studying flavor symmetries as a way to avoid stringent constraints on CHMs and we are investigating interesting effects on the muon g-2 due to Lepton compositeness.
  • Dark Matter and Axions
    We are building SM extensions where axions and WIMPS arise from accidental symmetries.
  • Cosmological signatures of fundamental interactions
    We are quantifying the impact of EW radiative corrections on DM relic abundance and in Indirect Searches.
  • Conformal symmetry of relativistic point particles
    Also studied is the connection with higher spin symmetries.
  • Dynamical sectors of relativistic two particle model
    An example of a dynamical system with branches.


  • EWSB and New Physics at the LHC
    We are studying signals of hypothetical new particles production at the LHC, among which spin one vectors, Top Partners and Dark Matter. We are also studying indirect new physics effects to be searched for in modifications of the Higgs boson coupling with respect to the SM predictions.
  • Scattering Amplitudes in Gauge Theories
    By the most advanced techniques based on Analyticity and Unitarity we are making progresses on precise QCD calculations and in the development of new automated tools.
  • The Flavour of Leptons and quarks
    We are studying new explanations of the origin of flavour which combine continuous or discrete flavour symmetries with the idea of Partial Compositeness in its different realizations.
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