Phenomenology of Weak and Strong Interactions

Scientific activities of the various Research Units

Roma III

  • Higgs physics at the LHC in the Standard Model and in BSM.
  • Precision Electroweak physics.
  • Flavor physics in the quark sector. Participation in the UTfit Collaboration.
  • Flavor physics in the leptonic sector. GUT models.
  • Determination of the decay constants of heavy vector mesons.


  • Development of the NNPDF parton distributions.
  • Higher order QCD corrections and resummation.
  • Interplay of strong and electroweak corrections.
  • Monte Carlo studies of precision LHC observables.


  • Extensions of the SM minimally realized.
  • Neutrino mass generation in supersymmetric models.
  • Computation of high-order perturbative coefficients in QCD.
  • Spin structure of the nucleon.
  • Stability of the electroweak ground state in the standard model and beyond.

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