Phenomenology of Weak and Strong Interactions


This project is focussed on the physics of the Standard Model and some of its extensions, as studied at present and future high-energy facilities: specifically the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), but also neutrino oscillation experiments, and future colliders. The two main direction of activity of the group are in flavor physics, and Higgs physics at the LHC. In flavor physics and CP violation within and beyond the Standard Model the emphasis is on the analysis of the unitarity triangle and the CKM matrix elements and on the rare decays of the b-quark. In Higgs physics, and more generally LHC physics, mostly in the standard model but also in supersymmetric models, the emphasis is on studies of the Higgs potential and its stability, the high-order computation and resummation of hard processes both in the strong and mixed strong-electroweak interactions, the study of parton distributions, and Monte Carlo studies for precision LHC observables. Further research topics include GUTs and neutrino physics, production cross sections for heavy systems and polarized parton distributions.