2019 CNAF report published online

report cnaf 2019

2019 CNAF report published online: the contribution of experiments in CSN3

The annual CNAF report, for 2019, is online at this link. Previous editions are available at this link. Three experiments belonging to the CSN3 contributed to this edition, with the following reports:

- ALICE computing at the INFN CNAF Tier1

- From experimental nuclear astrophysics to nucleosynthesis simulations with ASFIN

- The NEWCHIM activity at CNAF for the CHIMERA and FARCOS devices

In 2019, the ASFIN, FOOT, FAMU, NUCLEX, GAMMA, n-TOF and NEWCHIM experiments benefited from the calculation resources offered by CNAF, for a total of about 9400 HS06, 150 TB of disk and 1900 TB of tape. To these must be added the ALICE experiment with about 60000 HS06, 6000 TB of disk and 12000 TB of tape.