Few-Body Systems Award

1.      Purpose of the Few-Body Systems Award

The Few-Body Systems Award is created to promote fundamental research on
few-body problems in physics and chemistry. It does so by recognizing the
research of two young colleagues, a theoretician and an experimentalist,
The candidates must have a maximum of seven years of research experience
(excluding career interruptions) following the Ph.D..

The award consists of 1000 euro plus a book published by Springer-Verlag
and chosen by the awardees, and a certificate citing the recipient's
contributions.  It will be granted every three years on the occasion of
the European Conference on Few-Body Problems in Physics.

2.      Organization

2.1     Selection
The Selection committee is composed of the chair of the  European
Research Committee on Few Body Problems in Physics (ERCFBP), the chair
of the organizing committee of the Conference, the Editor-in-Chief of
Few-Body Systems and two additional members selected by the ERCFBP.

2.2 Deadline for nominations
Nominations are due 6 months before the beginning of the the European
Few-Body Conference.

2.3     Presentation
The organisers of the Conference will invite the awardees to give a
talk and will provide a slot for the ceremony of presenting the award
to the two winners. The Editor-in-Chief, together with the organisers,
will present the awards.

3.      Promotion

The organizers of the Conference will acknowledge the sponsoring of the
award by mentioning Few-Body Systems, published by Springer-Verlag as
a sponsor.

4. Committe

For 2013 the FBS Award Committee is composed by

B.L.G. Bakker (Editor of Few-Body System) Chair
G.Orlandini (Chair of the EFB Committee)
S.Kistryn (Co-chair of the EFB22 Conference Edition)
A.Kievsky (Pisa)
N.Kalantar-Nayestanaki (Groningen)