Dark Matter and Gravitational Waves

    Dark Matter and Gravitational Waves

    Primordial black holes are of great interest as potential dark matter candidates as well as for being the seeds of supermassive black holes observed today in the centres of galaxies. These black holes can form in the early Universe by collapse of non linear cosmological perturbations after they enter the cosmological horizon. In this project I want to study primordial black holes going beyond spherical symmetry, generalizing the work done in the past, developing the numerical tools for computing the emission of gravitational waves during their formation, which could provide a source of signals coming from a system of binary black holes of primordial origin observable by the LIGO Virgo collaboration, and also as a stochastic spectrum of gravitational waves which could be observed in the future by LISA.


    Ilia Musco  – INFN Roma1

    Dr. Ilia Musco (PhD in Astrophysics in 2006) is a researcher at the INFN unit of Rome (University La Sapienza).  His research interests lies in the field of the physics of Black Holes and Cosmology of the Early Universe. In particular he is an expert of primordial black holes formation in numerical     relativity. These are interesting candidates for dark matter as also the seeds of supermassive black holes observed in the center of galaxies. 

    He is currently investigating the formation of primordial black holes during the quark hadron phase transition, and the gravitational waves emitted during the formation process .

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    13 May 2022



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