The choise of 3 keywords is required to describe your research area and project. The keywords will be used when selecting an appropriate reviewer to evaluate the application. 

    Experimental Particle Physics

    • Higgs physics
    • Top physics
    • Flavour physics
    • Lepton Flavour Violation physics
    • Standard Model physics
    • Beyond Standard Model physics
    • Rare processes physics
    • Dark sector and dark matter physics
    • Proton Structure
    • Future High Energy Particle Accelerators studies


     Experimental Astroparticle Physics

    • Cosmic Rays
    • Dark Energy
    • Direct Dark Matter Search
    • Gravitational Waves
    • Indirect Dark Matter Search
    • Multi-messenger Astrophysics
    • Neutrino Astronomy
    • Neutrino-less Double Beta Decay
    • Neutrino Oscillations and Properties
    • Solar and geo-neutrinos


    Experimental Nuclear Physics

    • Applied Nuclear Physics
    • Few Body Systems
    • Light Quarks Physics
    • Hadron Physics
    • Nuclear Astrophysics
    • Nuclear Spectroscopy
    • Nuclear Structure
    • Quark Gluon Plasma
    • Radioactive Ion Beams
    • Symmetries and Fundamental Interactions 


    Theoretical Physics

    • Dark Matter, Dark Energy and Neutrino Physics
    • Early Universe Physics
    • Gauge Field Theories
    • General Relativity and Gravity
    • Nuclear and Hadronic physics
    • Standard Model and Beyond Standard Model Physics
    • Statistical Field Theory
    • String and Brane theory
    • Supersymmetry and supergravity
    • Quantum Field Theory


    Technological Research

    • Accelerator physics and technology
    • Computing and software
    • Front-end and Read-out electronics
    • Gaseous detectors
    • Interdisciplinary research
    • Magnets
    • Medical Physics
    • Room-temperature solid-state detectors
    • Low temperature and superconducting detectors
    • Quantum technologies

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