What's DODAS

Dynamic On Demand Analysis Service (DODAS) is a Platform as a Service tool built combining several solutions and products developed by the INDIGO-DataCloud H2020 project and now part of the EOSC-hub H2020 Project.

What can you do with DODAS?

DODAS allows to instantiate on-demand complex infrastructures over any cloud with almost zero effort and with very limited knowledge of the underlying technical details. In particular DODAS provides the end user with all the support to deploy from scratch a variety of solution dedicated (but not limited) to scientific data analysis. For instance, with pre-compiled templates the users can create a K8s cluster and deploy on top of it their preferred Helm charts all in one step. DODAS provides three principal baselines ready to be used and to be possibly extended:

  • an HTCondor batch system
  • a Spark+Jupyter cluster for interective and big-data analysis
  • a Caching on demand system based on XRootD

DODAS targets multiple users:

  • Researchers possibly with requirement specific workflows,
  • Big Communities, Small groups
  • Resource Providers

Designed to be experiment agnostic

  • Flexible enough to support multiple and diverse use cases Highly Customizable to accommodate needs from diverse communities
  • Built on top of modern industry standards

Commuties are already adopting DODAS

DODAS has been integrated by the Submission Infrastructure of Compact Muon Solenoid CMS, one of the two bigger and general purposes experiments at LHC of CERN, as well as by the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer AMS-02 computing environment.

DODAS, as a Thematic Services in the context of EOSC-hub project, is financially supported by European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, grant agreement RIA 777536.

You can find a more detailed overview of the stack here.

DODAS adopters


This work is co-funded by the EOSC-hub project (Horizon 2020) under Grant number 777536.