The TIME and SPace real-time Operating Tracker (TIMESPOT) ambitiously aims to develop a complete tracking demonstrator capable of copying with the extremely high instantaneous luminosities foreseen in experiments at at future facilities (e.g. Hi-Lumi HLC).

The project was presented at the 2017 open call of the CNS5 of INFN and has been approved with a budget of about 1M€ over three years (2018-20).

Ten INFN sections are involved (Bologna, Cagliari, Genova, Ferrara, Firenze, Milano,

Padova, Perugia, Torino, TIFPA) with 65 people among physicists and engineers for a total of over 20 FTE.

The demonstrator will include a complete tracking chain, including pixel sensors, front end electronics, data acquisition system and fasst pre-processing algorithms.

TIMESPOT is lead by Adriano Lai (INFN Cagliari) and it is structured in 6 Work Packages:

  1. Silicon sensors with 3D technology. Coordinator: G. Dalla Betta (TIFPA Trento)
  2. Diamond sensors with 3D technology. Coordinator: S. Sciortino (LENS and INFN Florence)
  3. Front-end electronics for pixel readout with timing using 28nm CMOS technology. Coordinator: V. Liberali (INFN Milano)
  4. Fast-tracking algorithms and devices. Coordinator: N. Neri (INFN Milano)
  5. High speed read out boards. Coordinator: A. Gabrielli (INFN Bologna)
  6. System integration and tests. Coordinator: A. Cardini (INFN Cagliari)