QFT_HEP QFT for High Energy Physics
Physics of the Standard Model and beyond SM

Scientific activities of the various Research Units

Bari and Napoli

  • Analyses in flavour physics, within and beyond the Standard Model, with focus on the measurement s at LHC and at the flavour factories: models with extended gauge symmetry, models with extra-dimensions. Determination of the relevant hadronic quantities, evaluation of the uncertainties in the various observables.
  • Charm and beauty spectroscopy of the hidden and open heavy quark systems, with analyses of the newly observed hadrons which do not to fit in the standard classification, selection of signatures allowing their proper identification.


  • Investigations on the effective action describing the interaction between gravity and the Standard Model fields.
  • Effective actions for physics beyond the Standard Model
  • Extensions of the Standard Model by extra abelian symmetries.
  • Hadron colliders phenomenology

Bari and Lecce

  • Development of holographic methods for the strong coupling regime of gauge theories, with main interest to possible applications to QCD.
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