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Zefiro is a cluster (for theoretical physics) of the SUMA project, located at the Pisa section.  It is made up of 32 computer each with 512 GB of RAM, 4 processors (each with 16 cores). with a total of 2048 computing cores AMD Opteron 6380 (2,5GHz) and Infiniband connection QDR managed by a switch Mellanox IS5025 with 36 ports. Use for local calculations and a specific User Interface are provided. The access is regulated by the scheduler LSF version 9.

In order to access and use the machine, each CSN4 project must submit an allocation request that will be discussed in the designated committee. The total budget of assigned for 2015 was 16Mcore/hr. Requests for 2016 will be discussed on ??????.

Instructions about the use of the machine can be found in the dedicated wiki page mantained by the Pisa section. 


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