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Functional and Renormalization Group Methods in Quantum and Statistical Physics

The project is coordinated by Dr. Gian Paolo Vacca (INFN), and sponsored by ACRI (Associazione di Fondazioni e Casse di Risparmio Spa) under the Young Investigator Training Program 2018, which is intended to foster young international researchers and to promote their scientific collaboration with a network of Italian research institutions.

It includes an opening for short term individual research fellowships and, related to it, an upcoming international conference.

Scientific framework

Since the seminal work by Wilson and Kadanoff the renormalization group has represented a revolutionary and universal conceptual paradigm. Starting from its early applications to the theory of phase transitions and critical phenomena, it has been by now adopted in a multitude of research areas, for its unifying power and practical convenience. On the other hand, the functional methods, pioneered by Schwinger, Feynman and Dyson, are nowadays considered a reference point and one of the common languages for the community of theoretical physicists. This international project focuses on the latest scientific developments at the interface of functional and renormalization-group methods, and aims at favoring interdisciplinary discussions between communities interested in these two cornerstones of theoretical physics, both at the formal level and at the modern frontiers of their applications. The latter include for instance: the UV completion problem in particle physics and quantum gravity; nonperturbative gauge theories and nuclear physics; out of equilibrium and fluid effective dynamics; strongly correlated fermions in condensed matter; statistical mechanical models; active matter systems; cosmological evolution and astrophysics.

Scientific and organising committee

Gian Paolo VaccaCoordinator
Alfio BonannoMember
Roberto PercacciMember
Andrea TrombettoniMember
Luca ZambelliSecretary