The individual research fellowship are meant to fund a visiting period of at least one month in one of the following research Institutions.

Host InstitutionsResponsible Members
INFN, BolognaDr. Gian Paolo Vacca
INFN, CagliariDr. Francesco Murgia
INFN, CataniaDr. Dario Zappalà
INFN, TriesteDr. Marco Fabbrichesi
ECT*/FBKDr. Daniele Binosi
INAF, CataniaDr. Alfio Bonanno
CNR, TriesteDr. Andrea Trombettoni
SISSAProf. Roberto Percacci
DIFA, Università di BolognaDr. Paolo Finelli
Dipartimento di Fisica, Università di CagliariProf. Umberto D’Alesio
Dipartimento di Scienze MM.FF.II.,
Università di Parma
Prof. Luca Griguolo
Dipartimento di Fisica, Università di PisaDr. Giovanni Marozzi
Dr. Omar Zanusso

Most of these hosting institutions participate in the project FRGIN: Functional and Renormalization-Group methods – Italian Network. The goal of the latter project is to provide a platform to connect and support those researchers which, while being linked by any reasons to the Italian community of theoretical physicist, are interested in functional and renormalization-group methods.