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Production of the new pixel detector for the upgrade of the CMS experiment and study of anomalous couplings in the non-resonant Higgs bosons pair production in p-p collisions at √s= 13 TeV

(Martino Dall'Osso, 2016) articles

Searches for signatures of an extended Higgs sector in final states with leptons and Higgs to bb decays at CMS

(Alberto Zucchetta, 2015) articles

B flavour tagging with leptons and measurement of the CP violation phase phi_s in the B_s -> J/psi phi decay at the CMS experiment

(Jacopo Pazzini, 2015) articles

Search for heavy lepton partners of neutrinos in the context of type III seesaw mechanism in 2012 LHC CMS data

(Andrea Gozzelino, 2014) articles

Search for the Supersymmetric Higgs boson in the pp -> b + Φ ;  Φ -> bb channel with the CMS detector at LHC

(Antonio Branca, 2013) articles

Measurement of the Inclusive Cross Section sigma(pp->bbX->mumuX')at LHC with the CMS experiment

(Luca Perrozzi, 2012)  articles


Search for Seesaw type III signals in 2011 LHC cms data

(Sara Vanini, 2012)  articles


A Level 1 Tracking Trigger for the CMS Experiment at the LHC Phase 2 Luminosity Upgrade

(Nicola, Pozzobon, 2011)  articles


Feasibility of the SM Higgs boson search in the channel H→ZZ(∗)→μμbb via VBF at √s = 7 TeV with the CMS experiment

(Mia Tosi, 2011)  articles


Using the pixel detector for fast triggering in CMS

(Marco De Mattia, 2006)    articles


The h->W+W-  -> m+nm-n Higgs discovery channel at CMS

(Marco Zanetti, 2004)     articles


Development of High Level Trigger algorithm for the CMS experiment for events with muons in the final state

(Stefano Lacaprara, 2001)     articles