Optically readout GEM

The high-resolution tracking of low energy release particles had a remarkable development in recent years and will give a crucial contribution in different sectors, from medical applications to dark matter search.
Thanks to their characteristics (high space and time resolution, low material budget, large volumes, low costs) Time Projection Chambers based on Micro Pattern Gas Detectors gas detectors have shown to be ideal candidates for this devices.
A very promising technique is represented by the optical readout of the light produced by the de-excitation of gas molecules during the processes of electron multiplication.It is possible to obtain very high perfomance by this technique, exploiting the great progresses achieved in micro pattern gas detectors and in the evolution of the CMOS technology which led to the production of sensors offering high sensitivity and granularity combined with a very low noise level.

  • In 2017 a larger prototype (Large Elliptical Module Optically Readout: “LEMOn”) with a 7 litre sensitive volume was built and tested.