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EPICS Software

This is a collection of EPICS drivers and other software that have been developed or improved at the INFN-LNL during these years among the different projects and times. The list might be incomplete or outdated, but we will try to keep it updated. Most of the work done is based on the knowledge shared among the EPICS Community through meetings, conferences and seminars. Thanks to all of them for the extraordinary support.

If not differently specified, all the software available for download as gzipped tar files is licensed under the terms of EPICS Licence.


EPICS Applications

LivEPICS is a Linux Live CD (and a USB bootable all-in one solution) that includes: Epics base, Extensions tools, introductory documents and manuals. It has the complete functionality to develop a small control system, but it is mainly intended for training classes or to monitor and supervise an EPICS network. LivEPICS is copyright under GNU General Pubblic Licence.





Device and Driver Support

A set of Device and Driver support have been implemented to communicate with several hardware through several communication protocols. Many packages are related to old techonology but it is useful to keep them available.


Device - Driver

Bus - Protocol


Highland Technology M250 Camac Controller with a Ethernet 10BaseT Ethernet-CAMAC (Asyn) Coming Soon
MicroLogix 1500 Rockewll PLC RS232c Coming Soon
Application for C20H Omron PLC RS232c Coming Soon
HP33120A Function Generators & Waveform Synthesizer GPIB Coming Soon
K199 Keythley System DMM/Scanner GPIB Coming Soon
Edwards TICBOC RS232c Coming Soon
&Lambda ESS Power Supply RS232c Coming Soon
GENESYS Power Supply RS232c Coming Soon
IRCON Pyrometer Mod5 RS485 Coming Soon



the EPICS gruop developed different plugins in order to integrate EPICS in external tools and applicatoins. Every plugin is available for download and if you are interested in more details, contact us.


 NAL (Nagios Alarm Handler) is a Nagios plugin used to monitor an EPICS network. It can be easily installed and configured in any host running a Nagios service connected to the EPICS control system network in order to supervise PVs status and alarm. For a complete description of how to install and configure it, look at the EPICS Wiki Page.

Download link: NAL Plugin

EPICS Check_mk

Check_mk is a IT monitoring system originally developed as an extension to the Nagios monitoring system. It comes with a set of system checks, a mod_oython and JavaScript based web user interface, and a module that allows fasr access to the Nagios Core. For this software solution, a dedicated EPICS plugin has been implemented.

Download link: Check_mk Plugin

NOTE: for security reason, the file is available with text extension (.txt) instead of python (.py). Please rename the file ointing to the correct extension.

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