INFN is promoting a discussion forum on the future of nuclear physics research in Italy with particular emphasis on INFN laboratories that are preparing important upgrades for the accelerators complexes.

Specific working groups are discussing ideas and topics to be developed in the mid term future with the goal of defining experiments at the upgraded facilities or promoting ad-hoc developments for new setups.

Worldwide researchers interested in joining the working groups are welcome to register and participate to the ongoing discussions as active members of the community.

The working groups have reported their activities in papers available on EPJ Plus in Open Access

Focus Point on Middle Term Plan of Italian Laboratories in Nuclear Physics:

Nuclear Physics Mid Term Plan in Italy


Those are the four sessions of the workshop, one for each national laboratory.


4 - 5 April 2022

Scientific Program and Conveners

  1. Heavy Ion Collision – EOS (E. De Filippo)
  2. Clustering (A. Di Pietro)
  3. Fission Dynamics (E. Vardaci)
  1. Nuclear Matrix Elements towards 0νββ – Theoretical model developments (A. Gargano)
  2. Selective Study of nuclear structure response with high intensity beams and advanced spectrometry (F. Cappuzzello)
  3. Collective modes in nuclei with stable and  unstable beams (G. Cardella)
  1. Nuclear and Atomic Inputs for quiescent Stellar Evolution (A. Pidatella)
  2. The «explosive» universe: BBN and explosive nucleosynthesis (G.G. Rapisarda)
  3. s and r process (M.L. Sergi)
  1. Medical Applications (G. Petringa)
  2. Laser-Matter Interaction (G. A. P. Cirrone)
  3. Plasma traps (D. Mascali)


11 - 12 April 2022

Scientific Program and Conveners

  1. Nucleosynthesis up to the iron peak (A. Caciolli)
  2. Nucleosynthesis of trans-iron elements (T. Kurtukian Nieto)
  3. Nuclear astrophysics theory (S. Cristallo)
  1. Shell evolution (A. Gottardo)
  2. Light to medium-mass exotic nuclei (S. Bottoni)
  3. N~Z nuclei and isospin symmetry (S.M. Lenzi)
  4. Deformation and collective states (F. C. Crespi)
  1. Physics overview: alpha clustering, dynamics and structure, thermodynamics, equation of state, collective motions (F. Gulminelli & D. Dell’Aquila)
  2. Mechanisms/Tools: fusion-evaporation and pre-equilibrium emission (K. Mazurek & M. Cicerchia)
  3. Mechanisms/Tools: transfer,  particle spectroscopy (L. Gasques & F. Galtarossa)
  4. Mechanisms/Tools: fission and sub-barrier fusion (M. Caamano-Fresco & I. Zanon
  1. Nuclear cross sections measurements and modelling for direct radionuclide production and neutron beam lines at SPES (L. Mou)
  2. ISOL and laser applications at the SPES facility (M. Ballan)
  3. Development, characterization and modifications of materials for applied nuclear physics (M. Campostrini)


11 October 2022

Scientific Program and Conveners

  1. Pauli  Exclusion Principle violation experimental studies (K. Piscicchia)
  2. Quantum gravity, CPT and Lorentz symmetries and the Pauli Exclusion Principle  violation (A. Marciano)
  3. Quantum Collapse models and their experimental tests (F. Napolitano)
  1. Nuclear process of interest in stellar nucleosynthesis (O. Straniero)
  2. Deep underground direct measurements (F. Cavanna)
  3. Measurements with recoil separators (R. Buompane)
  1. Mass spectrometry (F. Marzaioli)
  2. Diagnostics and modification of materials with ion beams (A. D’Onofrio)


1 - 2 December 2022

Scientific Program and Conveners

  1. Nuclear physics at DAFNE
  2. Possibilities for nuclear physics with EuPRAXIA 
  1. Pulse Shape Discrimination, Silicon Carbide detectors, Active Targets 
  2. Heavy ion detection
  1. Organic scintillators for neutron detection
  2. Detectors for neutron beams and applications 
  3. Innovative neutron detectors 
  1. Gamma-ray detectors 
  2. X-ray detectors 
  1. Innovative targets for nuclear physics experiments 
  2. Innovative targets for new production facilities 
  1. New facilities at Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro 
  2. New facilities at Laboratori Nazionali del Sud 

Organizing Committee

Giovanna Benzoni

Diego Bettoni

Fabio Bossi

Maria Colonna

Antonino Di Leva

Enrico Fioretto

Alba Formicola

Lorenzo Fortunato

Santo Gammino

Fabiana Gramegna

Carlo Gustavino 

Matthias Junker

Marco La Cognata

Ivano Lombardo

Rosario Nania

Ezio Previtali

Stefano Romano

Paolo Russotto

Francesca Soramel

Jose Javier Valiente-Dobón

Scientific Secretaries

Eugenia Naselli

Alessandro Oliva

Julgen Pellumaj

Marta Polettini