Quantum Universe




One-loop analysis with nonlocal boundary conditions,
G. Esposito, E. Di Grezia
Phys.Rev.D 99 (2019) 6, 065004
Constraining nonlocal gravity by S2 star orbits
K.F. Dialektopoulos, D. Borka, S. Capozziello, V. Borka Jovanović, P. Jovanović
Phys.Rev.D 99 (2019) 4, 044053
The quark chemical potential of QCD phase transition and the stochastic background of gravitational waves
S. Capozziello, M. Khodadi, G. Lambiase       
Phys.Lett.B 789 (2019) 626-633
Swampland conjecture in f(R) gravity by the Noether Symmetry Approach
Micol Benetti, Salvatore Capozziello, Leila Lobato Graef,
Phys.Rev.D 100 (2019) 8, 084013
First M87 Event Horizon Telescope Results. V. Physical Origin of the Asymmetric Ring Event Horizon Telescope
Collaboration: M.F: De Laureantis,  et al.
Astrophys.J.Lett. 875 (2019) 1, L2
Generalized ghost-free propagators in nonlocal field theorie
L. Buoninfante, G. Lambiase, Y. Miyashita, W. Takebe, M. Yamaguchi
Phys.Rev.D 101 (2020) 8, 084019
Precision Gravity Tests and the Einstein Equivalence Principle
G.M. Tino, L. Cacciapuoti, S. Capozziello, G. Lambiase, F. Sorrentino
Prog.Part.Nucl.Phys. 112 (2020) 103772
Transmutation of nonlocal scale in infinite derivative field theories
L. Buoninfante, A. Ghoshal, G. Lambiase, A. Mazumdar
Phys.Rev.D 99 (2019) 4, 044032
Testing dark energy models in the light of σ8 ​ tension
G. Lambiase, S. Mohanty, A. Narang, P. Parashari
Eur.Phys.J.C 79 (2019) 2, 141
 Classical properties of non-local, ghost- and singularity-free gravity
L. Buoninfante, A. S. Koshelev, G. Lambiase,  A. Mazumdar
JCAP 09 (2018) 034


Black Hole Surrounded by a Dark Matter Halo in the M87 Galactic Center and its Identification with Shadow Image

K. Jusufi, M. Jamil, P. Salucci, T. Zhu, S. Haroon

Phys.Rev.D 100 (2019) 4, 044012


The universal rotation curve of low surface brightness galaxies – IV. The interrelation between dark and luminous matter

C. Di Paolo, P. Salucci, A. Erkurt

Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc. 490 (2019) 4, 5451-5477


Precision Scaling Relations for Disk Galaxies in the Local Universe

A. Lapi, P. Salucci, L. Danes,

Astrophys.J. 859 (2018) 1, 2


Theoretical predictions for dark matter detection in dwarf irregular galaxies with gamma rays

V. Gammaldi, E. Karukes, P. Salucci

Phys.Rev.D 98 (2018) 8, 083008


Observing patchy reionization with future CMB polarization experiments

A. Roy, A. Lapi, D. Spergel, C. Baccigalupi

JCAP 05 (2018) 014


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