Modeling Nuclear STructure and REactions



Nuclear Structure - Nuclear Reactions - Many-Body methods - Density Functionals


The main goal of our collaboration is to implement an integrated framework for the physics of atomic nuclei, nuclear reactions, and strongly interacting matter. We aim to match the development of nuclear structure and reaction theory with the experimental progress currently underway in areas like the production of rare isotopes, dark-matter detection, and the physics of electroweak interactions, including neutrino-oscillation and double-beta decay. The recent progress in gravitational-wave detection also calls for a better understanding of the nuclear interactions aiming to reconcile terrestrial nuclear physics observations with the new constraints of astrophysical origin. We will not disregard also important applicative aspects like those related to nuclear medicine. 
Different complementary aspects in the field will be tackled by networking the combined expertise of the various units, who are active in developing a set of advanced and complementary many-body analytic and computational methods. We plan to use our experience in a concerted way in the effort of bridging the gap between the different scales involved in a modern nuclear physics research program.




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