Fundamental Problems in Quantum Physics





Research in Quantum Mechanics is flourishing, now spanning from basic research to technological developments. Parallel to this, research on its Foundations is expanding worldwide, and Italy is playing a key role, as it did in the past. The main questions are both traditional ones (the quantum-to-classical transition, entanglement and nonlocality and the tension with Relativity) as well as new ones (the quantum/gravity interplay, deeper level theories, novel experimental tests).


BELL gathers the top-level theoretical research groups in Italy, working in Quantum Foundations. They have developed over the years a reputation of excellence at the international level, and a large number of collaborations with institutions of highest prestige worldwide. It builds on the success of the past INFN joint Initiative, to meet the new challenges in the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics, which are at the basis of our understanding of Nature, with far reaching consequences at the experimental as well as technological level.


Specifically, the following themes of research will be addressed: 

  • Open Quantum Systems: quantum-to-classical transition, non-Markovianity, continuous quantum measurements. 
  • Mathematics of Quantum Physics: Geometric and algebraic methods, Symmetries, axiomatic approaches, in QM, QFT and QG.
  • Quantum / gravity interplay: From conceptual challenges, to semiclassical models, to cosmology.  
  • Beyond Quantum Mechanics: Collapse Models, Cellular Automata, trajectory-based Quantum Mechanics.
  • Theoretical input for new experiments, for the above-mentioned themes.
  • Towards Quantum Technologies: theoretical research for new and more performing applications. 

BELL will strengthen the synergy and promote the research among the Italian groups, and the collaboration with existing and new international groups. It will contribute to the excellence of research within INFN. 




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September, 26-27 2024

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