Learning Complex Networks




             INFN Section Padova

1.     C. Tu, S. Suweis, J. Grilli, M. Formentin, A. Maritan, Reconciling cooperation, biodiversity and stability in complex ecological communities. Scientific Reports, 9, 1-10 (2019)

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INFN Section Firenze

1.     T. Carletti, F. Battiston, G. Cencetti, D Fanelli, Random walks on hypergraphs, Physical Review E 101, 022308 (2020)

2.     G. Cencetti, F. Battiston, T. Carletti, D. Fanelli , Generalized patterns from local and non local reactions, Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 134, 109707, (2020)

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5.     G. Cencetti, F. Bagnoli, G. Battistelli, L. Chisci, D. Fanelli, Spectral control for ecological stability,  The European Physical Journal B 91, 264 (2018)


INFN Section Bologna 

1.     R. Gallotti, A. Bazzani, S. Rambaldi, M.  Barthelemy, A stochastic model of randomly accelerated walkers for human mobility, Nature Communications 7, 12600 (2016)

2.     M. Bersanelli, E. Mosca, L.  Milanesi, A. Bazzani ,G. Castellani, Frailness and resilience of gene networks predicted by detection of co-occurring mutations via a stochastic perturbative approach, Scientific Reports 10, 2643 (2020)

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       INFN Section Rende-Cosenza

1.     G. Mascali, V. Romano, A Hierarchy of Macroscopic Models for Phonon Transport in Graphene, Physica A, (2020)

2.     R. Beneduci, F.E. Schroeck, Space Localization of the Photon, Foundations of Physics, 49 561-576 (2019)

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6.     G. Mascali, V. Romano, Charge Transport in graphene including thermal effects, SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics, 77, 593-613 (2017)

·       INFN Section Catania

1.    I. Iacopini, S. Milojević and V. Latora Network Dynamics of Innovation Processes Phys. Rev. Lett. 120, 048301 (2018)

2.    S. Manfredi, E. Di Tucci, and V. Latora, Mobility and Congestion in Dynamical Multilayer Networks with Finite Storage Capacity. Phys. Rev. Lett. 120, 068301 (2018)

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5.    A.E. Biondo, A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda, Order Book, Financial Markets and Self-Organized Criticality, Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 88, 196-208, (2016). 

·       INFN Section Perugia-Camerino

1.        R. Mengoni, A. Di Pierro, L. Memarzadeh and S. Mancini, Persistent homology analysis of multi-qubit entanglement, Quantum Information and Computation 20, 0375 (2020)

2.        D. Felice, S. Mancini and N. Ay, Canonical divergence for measuring classical and quantum complexity, Entropy 21, 435 (2019)

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4.     D. Felice, C. Cafaro, and S. Mancini, Information geometric methods for complexity, Chaos 28, 032101 (2018)

5.       R. Franzosi, D. Felice, S. Mancini and M. Pettini ,Riemannian geometric entropy for measuring networks complexity, Physical Review E 93, 062317 (2016)



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