Exploring New Physics


The discovery at CERN of the Higgs particle has been a success for our understanding of the Standard Model motivating even more our particle physics community to explore other fundamental questions: electroweak symmetry breaking mechanism, the flavour problem, the origin of matter-antimatter asymmetry and the Dark Matter problem. Furthermore the recent discovery of gravitational waves has attracted attention of particle and astroparticle physicists for challenging investigations. 


Also the present and future experimental searches at LHC, which include flavour experiments like NA62 and LHCB, Belle II in Japan, the g-2 of the muon at FNAL, strengthen the motivations above. 


We address these quests in our project. Indeed we want   to improve the CKM determination and limits on New Physics in the electroweak and flavour sector. To this purpose competitive computational tools will be used.  Relevant LHC cross sections, useful for instance to improve the  Higgs couplings determination, will be investigated. 


New Physics models will be studied to address our fundamental quests, B-anomalies or in general flavour anomalies. The interplay among particle physics, astroparticle and gravitation is fully exploited by our group.



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September, 26-27 2024

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