Rossi Award

INFN intends to remember with this Award the figure of Bruno Rossi (1905-1993), a distinguished physicist, professor in Padua, who had to emigrate to the USA in 1938 due to racial laws; here he became full professor at MIT, making fundamental contributions to elementary particle physics through the study of cosmic rays; among his first discoveries the study of muon decay and the measurement of its average life; he later dealt with the new research possibilities offered by spacecraft; he was among the first to discover X-ray sources outside the solar system; he made extraordinary contributions to the teaching of physics and to the improvement of electronic instrumentation for research.


"Rossi Award 2022" winners:

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Matteo Borghesi (Milano Bicocca University) with the thesis “Toward the first neutrino mass measurement of Holmes”

Stefano Piacentini (Roma "La Sapienza" University) with the thesis “Search for low-mass dark matter with direct detection experiments”


"Rossi Award 2021" winners:

 Rossi 2020

Valentina Dompè (GSSI-LNGS) with the thesis “Search for neutrinoless double beta decay of 128Te with the CUORE experiment”

Ambra Mariani (GSSI-LNGS) with the thesis “The Proof-of-Principle of the SABRE experiment for the search of galactic dark matter through annual modulation”


"Rossi Award 2020" winners:

 Rossi 2020

Nicolò Crescini (Padua University) with the thesis “Towards the development of the ferromagnetic axion

Odysse Halim (GSSI-LNGS) with the thesis “Searching for Core-Collapse Supernovae in the
Multimessenger Era: Low Energy Neutrinos and GravitationalWaves”


"Rossi Award 2019" winners:

Silvia Celli (GSSI-LNGS) with the thesis “Gamma-ray and neutrino signatures of Galactic cosmic-ray accelerators”

Irene Nutini (GSSI-LNGS) with the thesis “The CUORE experiment: detector optimization and modelling and CPT conservation limit”

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