GARFIELD is a powerful instrument for charged particle spectroscopy installed in the experimental HALL3 at LNL. It is devoted to reaction mechanism studies. It essentially consists of two DE-E gas-CsI drift chambers covering most solid angle from 30 to 150 deg in lab. At forward angles different detectors can be mounted in the big reaction chamber (about 4 meters long) depending on the physics one should focus on. The collaboration built a very perfomant RingCounter Array (RCO) made of three stage telescopes IC-Si-CsI covering from 6 to 17 deg, but other detectors are already available (phoswich scintillators, multiwire gas counters) or can proposed for future SPES activities.

Basing on the deep experience and overlap with the FAZIA initiative, GARFIELD benefits of more than 300 channels equipped with home-made digital electronics based on fast sampling ADC (125MS/s). The key parameters associated to the analysis of the signals are extracted in realtime by remotely programmable DSPs and stored on disk. Therefore rich information can be extracted for all detected particles.

Presently the group is interested in physics cases to be studied both with GARFIELD alone and with the coupling with FAZIA or some specific high-energy gamma array for the investigation of the collective excitations in nuclear systems.

View of forward far phoswiches seen
from the GARFIELD chambers


Legnaro contact person: dr. F. Gramegna