8PLP is a charged particle spectrometer housed in the first experimental Hall in LNL. It is a modular large coverage array made of 242 two-layer Si-CsI telescopes organized in two structures to cover about the 90% of  the solid angle: a Wall of 116 telescopes at 60 cm from the target position covering the angular range between  2 and 24 deg, and a 30 cm diameter Ball of 126 telescopes covering the angular range from 34 to 177 deg. Particle identification is obtained by combining DE-E, ToF and PSD techniques.

Thresholds for particle identification range from 1 MeV for p and 3 MeV for alphas to about 2.5 AMeV for Carbon.  Heavy fragments like Fission fragment can be easily identified in the Si layers of the telescopes via the PSD.
I8PLP has been mainly devoted to the investigation of the nuclear fusion process ending both with the evaporation of the compound system or with its fission. Coincidence measurements of   protons and alphas with Evaporation Residues using a PPAC trigger detector or Fission Fragment using the SIlicon layers of the Ball telescopes, permit a rich and detailed analysis of the observed collisions also accessing the time scale for the scissioning system.
The dynamical effects connected to nuclear viscosity and its role in the fission process have been studied with 8PLP following the predictions of refined models combining dynamics and statistics on the same ground.
The measurements have been made even more effective using specific tof arms based on very fast CORSET microchannel plates, designed and build by the collaboration, to precisely detect fission fragment velocities. Via kinematic coincidences the fission fragment mass distributions are measurable together with light charge particles so that the the fission channel can be deeply investigated.

8PLP is ready to operation at LNL and it also plans experiments with SPES beams.
Synergies are present with other local or foreign groups and apparatus. At LNL there are overlapping interestest in using RIPEN and NEDA for neutron spectrometry and counting while collaboration with other labs are active mainly with Jyvaskila and Dubna.

Picture of the different 8plp parts
and in black the Corset tof arms



Legnaro contact person: dr. M. Cinausero

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