Neutron Detector Array

NEDA is an international project aiming at the construction of a detector for neutron measurements. The array is based on scintillator modules whose geometry is now under study to comply with the different needs of an efficient coverage, of energy measurement and cost effectiveness.

NEDA activities are divided in tasks from the study of the best scintillator materials of the geometry to the development of FEE electronics and data acquisition. This last point is particularly important as NEDA will be a modern neutron detector to be coupled with other arrays both for gammas and particles. NEDA will strongly use digital electronics for PSA.
Presently the group is interested in physics cases to be studied with several coupled scenarios such as NEDA+AGATA, GALILEO, EXOGAM2 and NEDA+PARIS. Other possibilities are under evaluation.

The synergies of NEDA are, among the others, with ORIONE for neutron detector materials, with PARIS and EXOGAM for FEE developments and with DESIR for MonteCarlo simulations on neutron response.

Possible geometry of NEDA


Legnaro contact person: dr. J.J. Valiente-Dobòn

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