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Whether you are interested in physics-data analysis or detector development, we offer exciting and challenging opportunities for undergraduate ("triennale" and "specialistica/magistrale") and graduate ("dottorato") thesis projects and for postgraduate research. We have a solid track record of training junior colleagues toward successful subsequent careers ("triennale" students not listed below).



  Supervisor Project  Subsequent position  Currently
Eldar Ganiev (Trieste) D. Tonelli Belle2 analysis (PhD) Postdoc DESY Postdoc DESY
Alice Gabrielli (Trieste) Dorigo/Vitale  Belle2 diamonds (Specialistica) PhD Trieste  PhD Trieste  
Sebastiano Raiz (Trieste) D. Tonelli Belle2 analysis (Specialistica) PhD Trieste PhD Trieste
Riccardo Manfredi (Trieste) Tonelli/Vitale Belle2 diamond/analysis (Sp.) PhD Trieste PhD Trieste
Fernando J. Abudinén (Trieste) D. Tonelli  Belle2 analysis (Postdoc) Postdoc, UWarwick Postdoc, UWarwick
Filippo Dattola (Trieste) D. Tonelli Belle2 analysis (Specialistica) PhD Hamburg PhD Hamburg
Giovanni Bassi (Trieste) Lanceri/Vitale Belle2 diamonds (Specialistica) PhD SNS Pisa PhD SNS Pisa
Lino F. Lopes (EPFL) M. Dorigo LHCb analysis (Specialistica) PhD EPFL PhD EPFL
Matthieu Marinangeli (EPFL) M. Dorigo  LHCb analysis (Specialistica) PhD EPFL PhD EPFL
Brice Maurin (EPFL) M. Dorigo LHCb analysis (Specialistica) PhD EPFL High-school teacher
Chiara La Licata (Trieste) Lanceri/Vitale Belle2 diamond (Postdoc) Kavli IPMU Tokyo Kavli IPMU Tokyo
Ilya Komarov (Trieste) D. Tonelli Belle2 analysis (Postdoc) Postdoc, DESY Data scientist, Trivago 
Sabato Leo (Pisa) D. Tonelli CDF analysis (PhD)  Postdoc,  UIllinois  Data scientist, Trivago
Federica Lionetto (Pisa) D. Tonelli LHCb analysis (Specialistica) PhD, UZurich Data scientist, Swiss Air
Angelo Di Canto (Pisa) D. Tonelli CDF analysis (Specialistica) PhD, UPisa Staff scientist, Brookhaven
Lucia Grillo (Trieste) M. Dorigo  CDF analysis (Specialistica) PhD, Heidelberg Faculty, UGlasgow
Francesco Rubbo (Torino) D. Tonelli CDF analysis (Specialistica) PhD, IFAE Barcelona Software Engineer, Apple
Marco Bomben (Trieste) Lanceri/Vitale/Bosisio BaBar analysis (Laurea+PhD) Postdoc, UTrieste Faculty, Paris VI
Gabriele Giacomini (Trieste) L. Bosisio Silicon R&D (Laurea+PhD) Staff, FBK Trento  Staff, Brookhaven
Sergio Grancagnolo (Trieste) L. Lanceri Babar analysis (PhD) Postdoc, USalento Postdoc, UHumboldt
Selenia Dittongo (Trieste) L. Bosisio/L. Lanceri Silicon R&D (Laurea) PhD, Ferrara High-school teacher
Elisa Quai (Trieste) L. Bosisio Silicon R&D (Laurea) Udine Hospital Staff, IAEA Wien
Alexis Pompili (Trieste) L. Lanceri BaBar analysis (PhD) Postdoc, UBari Faculty, UBari
Gloria Vuagnin (Trieste) L. Lanceri BaBar analysis (Laurea+PhD) Postdoc, UTrieste Staff, GARR Consortium
Marco Apollonio (Trieste) B. Gobbo ALEPH analysis (Laurea) PhD, UTrieste Staff, Diam. Light Source