Gauge Theories, Supergravity and String Theory





--GSS members participate into the National PRIN Project : "Supersymmetry Breaking with Fields, Strings and Branes"Chair: A. Sagnotti (SNS Pisa)



--INFN is a partner in the International Network CNRS-IRN: Quantum Fields and  Strings

(Chair: Boris Pioline, LPTHE Paris) 



--Italian Strings Web Seminars , by D. Orlando (INFN-TO) and A. Sfondrini (INFN-PD)



--Quantum Field Theory and geometry online seminars (INFN-MIB: A. Tomasiello and S. Pasquetti)



--GGI Tea Break Seminars (on wednesdays at 17:00 CET)




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April, 18-19 2024

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