SFT Statistical Field Theory

Low-Dimensional Systems, Integrable Models and Applications




 List of the most significant publications of the last five years of each Research Unit related to the proposal:

    • INFN Unit: Trieste
1.G. Mussardo, Statistical Field Theory. Introduction to Exactly Solved Models of Statistical Physics, Oxford University Press, 2nd edition (2020)

2. M. Kormos, M. Collura, G. Takacs, P. Calabrese, Real time confinement following a quantum quench to a non-integrable model, Nature Physics 13, 246 (2017)

3. G. Delfino, Exact results for quenched bond randomness at criticality, Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 250601 (2017)

4. S. Paladugu, A. Callegari, Y. Tuna, L. Barth, S. Dietrich, A. Gambassi, G, Volpe,
Non additivity of critical Casimir forces, Nature Commun. 7, 11403 (2016)

5. J. Cardy, E. Tonni, Entanglement hamiltonians in two-dimensional conformal field theory, J. Stat. Mech. (2016) 123103

    • INFN Unit: Firenze
1. A. Cappelli, L. Maffi, S. Okuda, Critical Ising Model in Varying Dimension by Conformal Bootstrap, JHEP 01 (2019) 161

 2. A. Cappelli, E. Randellini, J. Sisti, Three-dimensional Topological Insulators and Bosonization, JHEP 05 (2017) 135

 3. F. Colomo, A. Sportiello, Arctic curves of the six-vertex model on generic domains: the tangent method, J. Stat. Phys. 164 (2016, 1488

 4. M. C. Diamantini, C. A. Trugenberger, V. M. Vinokur, Confinement and Asymptotic Freedom with Cooper pairs, Nature Commun. Phys. 1:77 (2018)

 5. L. Buffoni, A. Solfanelli, P. Verrucchi, A. Cuccoli, M. Campisi, Quantum Measurement Cooling, Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 070603 (2019)

    • INFN Unit: Milan
1. A. Di Gioacchino, L. G. Molinari, V. Erba, P. Rotondo, Unified Fock space representation of fractional quantum Hall states, Phys. Rev. B 95 (2017) 245123

2. S. Caracciolo, A. Di Gioacchino, E. M. Malatesta, L. G. Molinari, Selberg integrals in 1D random Euclidean optimization problems, J. Stat. Mech. (2019) 063401

3. S. Caracciolo, M.P. D'Achille, E.M. Malatesta, et al. Finite-size corrections in the random assignment problem, Phys. Rev. E 95, 052129 (2017)

4. S. Caracciolo, M. D'Achille, G. Sicuro, Random Euclidean matching problems in one dimension, Phys. Rev. E 96, 042102 (2017)

5. S. Caracciolo, A. Di Gioacchino, M. Gherardi, Solution for a bipartite Euclidean traveling-salesman problem in one dimension,  Phys. Rev. E 97, 052109 (2018)

    • INFN Unit: Torino
1. M. Caselle, N. Magnoli, A. Nada, M. Panero, M. Scanavino, Conformal perturbation theory confronts lattice results in the vicinity of a critical point, Phys. Rev. D 100, 034512 (2019)

2. M. Caselle, A. Nada, M. Panero, D. Vadacchino, Conformal field theory and the hot phase of three-dimensional U(1) gauge theory, JHEP 05 (2019) 068

3. R. Conti, S. Negro, R. Tateo, Conserved currents and TTbar(s) irrelevant deformations of 2D integrable field theories, JHEP 11 (2019) 120

4. R. Conti, S. Negro, R. Tateo, The TTbar perturbation and its geometric interpretation, JHEP 02 (2019) 085

5. R. Conti, L. Iannella, S. Negro, R. Tateo, Generalised Born-Infeld models, Lax operators and the TTbar perturbation, JHEP 11 (2018) 007

    • INFN Unit: Cosenza
1. D. Giuliano, P. Sodano, A. Tagliacozzo, A. Trombettoni, From four- to two-channel Kondo effect in junctions of XY spin chains, Nucl. Phys. B 909 135 (2016)

2. C. L. Kane, D. Giuliano, I. Affleck, Equivalent critical behavior of a helical point contact and a two-channel Luttinger liquid--topological superconductor junction, Phys. Rev. Research 2, 023243 (2020)

3. D. Giuliano, I. Affleck, Real fermion modes, impurity entropy, and nontrivial fixed points in the phase diagram of junctions of interacting quantum wires and topological superconductor,  Nucl. Phys. B 944, 114645 (2019)

4. S. Lorenzo, J. Marino, F. Plastina, G. M. Palma, T. J. G. Apollaro, Quantum Critical Scaling under Periodic Driving, Sc. Rep. 7, 5672 (2017)

5. J. Settino, N. Lo Gullo, A. Sindona, J. Goold, F. Plastina, Signatures of the single particle mobility edge in the ground state properties of Free Fermion and Tonks-Girardeau gases in a bichromatic potential, Phys. Rev. A 95, 033605 (2017)

    • INFN Unit: Pisa
1. D. Poland, S. Rychkov, A. Vichi, The conformal bootstrap: Theory, numerical techniques, and applications, Rev. Mod. Phys. 91, 015002 (2019)

2. C. Bonati, A. Pelissetto, E. Vicari, Phase diagram, symmetry-breaking pattern, and critical behavior of three-dimensional lattice multiflavor scalar chromodynamics, Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 232002 (2019)

3. A. Pelissetto, D. Rossini, E. Vicari, Dynamic finite-size scaling after a quench at quantum transitions, Phys. Rev. E 97, 052148 (2018)

4. A. Biella, M. Collura, D. Rossini, A. De Luca, L. Mazza,  Ballistic transport and boundary resistances in inhomogeneous quantum spin chains, Nat. Commun. 10, 4820 (2019)

5. M. Burrello, E. Guadagnini, L. Lepori, M. Mintchev, Field theory approach to the quantum transport in Weyl semimetals, Phys. Rev. B 100, 155131 (2019).

    • INFN Unit: Genova
1. A. Amoretti, D. Areán, B. Goutéraux, D. Musso, Gapless and gapped holographic phonons, JHEP 01 (2020) 058

 2. A. Amoretti, D. Areán, B. Goutéraux,  D. Musso, Diffusion and universal relaxation of holographic phonons, JHEP 10 (2019) 068   

3. A. Amoretti, D. Areán, B. Goutéraux, D.  Musso, Universal relaxation in a holographic metallic density wave phase, Phys. Rev. Lett. 123 (2019) 211602   

4. M. Caselle, N. Magnoli, A. Nada, M. Panero, M. Scanavino. Conformal perturbation theory confronts lattice results in the vicinity of a critical point, Phys. Rev. D 100 (2019) 3

5. A. Amoretti, M. Baggioli, N. Magnoli, D. Musso, Chasing the cuprates with dilatonic dyons, JHEP 06 (2016) 113

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