Dynamics and non equilibrium states of complex systems




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(from genomics to gravitational clustering)
The successful candidate will start her/his research activity on the 1st of november 2022, by collaborating with one or more groups of the DYNSYSMATH initiative that are active in Rome. The themes of the collaboration in Rome are:
i)  Causal response and the time course of viral genomes (Andrea Giansanti)
ii) Statistical mechanics and dynamics of nonadditive long-range systems (Alessandro Campa)
iii) Collective Behavior in living systems  (Irene Giardina, Andrea Cavagna, Massimiliano Viale)
iv) Anomalous Transport and DNA translocation (Fabio Cecconi)
v) Self-gravitating systems, Galaxies and Cosmology (Francesco Sylos Labini)
Recent Research activity related to the theme of the call:
Inference methods are widespread in the statistical analysis of experimental data, and play a crucial role in model building. Recently, statistical inference has been used to extract relevant information in a variety of biological and complex systems, seeking for effective degrees of freedom. We have studied measures of causal interaction between random variables in dynamical linear and nonlinear stochastic models. In particular, we have proposed a new causal measure from a fluctuation-response theorem based on the invariant linear response coefficient of a Kulback - Leibler divergence. The validity of our approach to the evolution of nonlinear random systems is an open problem. The method can be applied to complex systems at large, and future research will proceed both theoretically and via data analysis. An important topic with potential impact is related to the real evolution of genomes, and in particular of coronaviruses. 
Recent publications
-Auconi A, Friedrich B M, Giansanti A, Fluctuation-response theorem for Kullback-Leibler divergences to quantify causation.arXiv:2102.06839 (in press, European Physics Letters).
-Cappannini A, Forcelloni S, Giansanti A. Evolutionary pressures and codon
bias in low complexity regions of plasmodia. Genetica. 149:217-237 (2021).
doi: 10.1007/s10709-021-00126-6. 
-Dilucca M, Forcelloni S, Georgakilas AG, Giansanti A, Pavlopoulou A. Codon
Usage and Phenotypic Divergences of SARS-CoV-2 Genes. Viruses. (2020) 12:498. doi: 10.3390/v12050498.




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