Mathematical methods of nonlinear Physics




Post-doc announcement

A new post-doctoral position for two years has been issued. The position is within the framerowk of the MMNLP project, at the unit of Lecce. Here come the essential information on the fellowship, as well as where to find the call with all details. We stress that the deadline is 11 November 2022.

  Workshop in Otranto, 18-21 September 2022

Organized by P. Vergallo and R. Vitolo

A workshop reserved to the members of MMNLP will take place in Otranto, from 18 to 21 September 2022. The main aim of the workshop is to bring together the members of the project and discuss future plans and initiatives.

The following people will participate to the workshop.

  • S. Carillo (Roma)
  • G. Carlet (guest, Dijon)
  • G. Falqui (Milano Bicocca)
  • A. Giacchetto (guest, Saclay)
  • B. Konopelchenko (Lecce)
  • R. Kramer (guest, Edmonton)
  • D. Lewanski (Trieste)
  • P. Lorenzoni (Milano Bicocca)
  • L. Martina (Lecce)
  • G. Moroni (Milano Bicocca)
  • M. Pedroni (Bergamo)
  • S. Perletti (Milano Bicocca)
  • A. Raimondo (Bergamo)
  • P. Santini (Roma)
  • P. Vergallo (Messina)
  • R. Vitolo (Lecce)
  • F. Zullo (Roma)


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September, 25-26 2023

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