Inflation, Dark Matter and the Large-Scale Structure of the Universe





INFN is offering a post-doctoral fellowship for research activities to be carried on within InDark, in the Ferrara INFN research unit.

The official call can be found here.

Fellowship title: Neutrinos and other light relics in view of future cosmological observations

The research group in Ferrara includes M. Gerbino, A. Gruppuso, M. Lattanzi, P. Natoli, L. Pagano, T. Brinckmann, in addition to several PhD students. The members of the group are involved in the activities of several experimental collaborations (LiteBIRD, LSPE, Simons Observatory, CMB-S4, Euclid). Visit the group website for more details on the members and on the activities of the group.

Topics of particular interest for the fellowship include the cosmological phenomenology of light relics such as neutrinos (both active and sterile), axions and axion-like particles, majorons, in view of future observations of cosmic microwave background anisotropies and of large-scale structures.

Other research lines currently being pursued by the group include the phenomenology of dark matter candidates, CMB polarization as a probe for new physics, CMB anomalies, the development of robust statistical tools for the analysis and interpretation of cosmological data.

Recent publications:

  • P. Carenza, M. Lattanzi, A. Mirizzi, F. Forastieri,, Thermal axions with multi-eV masses are possible in low-reheating scenarios, JCAP 07 (2021) 031.
  • C. Chiocchetta et al., Lack-of-correlation anomaly in CMB large scale polarisation mapsJCAP 08 (2021) 015.
  • M. Lembo et al., Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization as a Tool to Constrain the Optical Properties of the Universe, Phys.Rev.Lett. 127 (2021) 1, 011301.
  •  L. Caloni, M. Gerbino, M. Lattanzi, Updated cosmological constraints on Macroscopic Dark Matter, JCAP 07 (2021) 027
  • A. Gruppuso, D. Molinari, P. Natoli, L. Pagano, Planck 2018 constraints on anisotropic birefringence and its cross-correlation with CMB anisotropy, JCAP 11 (2020) 066.
  • M. Lattanzi et al., Cornering (quasi) degenerate neutrinos with cosmology, JHEP 10 (2020) 213
  • U. Natale et al., A novel CMB polarization likelihood package for large angular scales built from combined WMAP and Planck LFI legacy maps, Astron.Astrophys. 644 (2020) A32
  • F. Forastieri, M. Lattanzi, P. Natoli, Cosmological constraints on neutrino self-interactions with a light mediator, Phys.Rev.D 100 (2019) 10, 103526
  • M. Gerbino et al., Likelihood methods for CMB experiments, Phys. 8 (2020) 15
  • M. Gerbino et al., Status of neutrino properties and future prospects - Cosmological and astrophysical constraints, Phys. 5 (2018) 70




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