The interface of gravity and quantum mechanics




  1. The search for a quantum gravity theory has been for a long time the subject of intense research. While we have nowadays several competing frameworks, none of them can yet claim to be a complete, fully predictive, theory and the lack of experimental guidance has so far limited our options for selecting one proposal over the others. Quantum gravity phenomenology is an operational framework based on the realization that new physical phenomena, associated to some quantum gravity scenarios, can be amenable to observational/experimental tests even without reaching Planck scale sensitivity. The study of such theoretical possibilities, and of their phenomenological implications, is a typically interdisciplinary activity requiring the exchange of ideas between theoretical experimental and observational communities. This research network aims at being a catalyzer for research in quantum gravity phenomenology at the national and international level, by aggregating the core of Italian researchers in this field and at the same time be pivotal in creating an interdisciplinary network of collaborations within INFN and outside of it. The research activity is aimed at developing theoretical frameworks as well as exploiting at its best the wealth of data (available and expected) from multi-messenger astrophysics observations and high precision experiments.


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