Theory of Gravitational Wave Sources



Scientific activities of the various Research Units

 TEONGRAV mainly focuses its work on these topics:
  1. Modelling of gravitational wave sources via both analytic and numerical methods (Firenze, GSSI, Milano-Bicocca, Padova, Pisa, Roma1, TIFPA, Torino, Trieste);
  2. Use of theoretical models and observations to extract information on the equation of state of matter in the inner core of neutron stars (Firenze, GSSI, Milano-Bicocca, Padova, Pisa, Roma1, Torino, TIFPA);
  3. Study of the dynamics of black hole formation (Milano-Bicocca, Padova, Roma1);
  4. Study of electromagnetic counterparts of gravitational wave signals (Firenze, GSSI, Milano-Bicocca, Napoli, Padova, TIFPA);
  5. Study of strong-field phenomena in modified gravity theories, in order to test general relativity and the nature of compact objects with gravitational waves and astrophysical observations (Firenze, GSSI, Milano-Bicocca, Napoli, Pisa, Roma1, Torino, Trieste).


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