Theory of Gravitational Wave Sources




 List of the most significant publications of the last five years:


  • Ballone A., Costa G., Mapelli M., MacLeod M., Torniamenti S., Pacheco-Arias J. M., Formation of black holes in the pair-instability mass gap: hydrodynamical simulations of a head-on massive star collision, MNRAS, 519, 5191 (2023)
  • Cadoni M., De Laurentis M., De Martino I., Della Monica R., Are nonsingular black holes with super-Planckian hair ruled out by S2 star data?, Phys.Rev.D 107, 044038 (2023)
  • Corelli F., De Amicis M., Ikeda T., Pani P., What is the fate of Hawking evaporation in gravity theories with higher curvature terms?, Phys.Rev.Lett. 130, 091501 (2023)
  • Damour T., Rettegno P., Strong-field scattering of two black holes: Numerical Relativity meets post-Minkowskian gravity, Phys. Rev. D 107, 064051 (2023)
  • Gamba R., Breschi M., Carullo G., Albanesi S., Rettegno P., Bernuzzi S., Nagar A., GW190521 as a dynamical capture of two nonspinning black holes, Nature Astronom. 7, 11-17 (2023)
  • Jain T., Rettegno P., Agathos M., Nagar A., Turco L., Effective-one-body Hamiltonian in scalar-tensor gravity at third post-Newtonian order, Phys. Rev. D 107, 084017 (2023)
  • Jiménez Forteza X., Bhagwat S., Kumar S., Pani P., A novel ringdown amplitude-phase consistency test; Phys.Rev.Lett. 130, 021001 (2023)
  • Loffredo E., Perego A., Logoteta D., Branchesi M., Muons in the aftermath of neutron star mergers and their impact on trapped neutrinos, Astron. Astrophys. 672, A124 (2023)
  • Oganesyan G., Karpov S., Salafia O. S., et al. Exceptionally bright optical emission from a rare and distant gamma-ray burst, Nature Astron. (2023)


  • Albertini A., Nagar A., Pound A., Warburtin N., Wardell B., Durkan L., Miller J., Comparing second-order gravitational self-force and effective one body waveforms from inspiralling, quasicircular and nonspinning black hole binaries. II. The large mass-ratio case, Phys. Rev. D 106, 8 (2022)
  • Bezares M., Aguilera-Miret R., ter Haar L., Crisostomi M., Palenzuela C., Barausse E., No Evidence of Kinetic Screening in Simulations of Merging Binary Neutron Stars beyond General Relativity, Phys. Rev. Lett. 128, 091103 (2022)
  • Camilletti A., Chiesa L., Ricigliano G., Perego A., Lippold L.C., Padamata S., Bernuzzi S., Radice D., Logoteta D., Guercilena F.M., Numerical relativity simulations of the neutron star merger GW190425: microphysics and mass ratio effects, MNRAS, 516, 4 (2022)
  • Cardoso V., Destounis K., Duque F., Panosso Macedo R., Maselli A. Gravitational Waves from Extreme-Mass-Ratio Systems in Astrophysical Environments, Phys. Rev. Lett. 129, 241103 (2022)
  • Cusinato M., Guercilena F. M., Perego A., Logoteta D., Radice D., Bernuzzi S., Ansoldi S., Neutrino emission from binary neutron star mergers: characterizing light curves and mean energies, The European Physical Journal A, 58, 5, 99 (2022)
  • De Laurentis M., Salucci P., The Accurate Mass Distribution of M87, the Giant Galaxy with Imaged Shadow of Its Supermassive Black Hole, as a Portal to New Physics, Astrophys.J. 929, 17 (2022)
  • Della Monica R., De Martino I., Vernieri D., De Laurentis M., Testing horndeski gravity with S2 star orbit, MNRAS, 519, 1981 (2022)
  • Franceschetti, Del Zanna, Soldateschi, Bucciantini, Numerical Equilibrium Configurations and Quadrupole Moments of Post-Merger Differentially Rotating Relativistic Stars, Universe 8, 172 (2022)
  • Franciolini G., Musco I., Pani P., Urbano A., From inflation to black hole mergers and back again: Gravitational-wave data-driven constraints on inflationary scenarios with a first-principle model of primordial black holes across the QCD epoch, Phys.Rev.D 106, 123526 (2022)
  • Lara G., Bezares M., Barausse E., UV completions, fixing the equations, and nonlinearities in k-essence, Phys. Rev. D 105, 064058 (2022)
  • Mapelli M., Bouffanais Y., Santoliquido F., Arca Sedda M., Artale M. C., The cosmic evolution of binary black holes in young, globular, and nuclear star clusters: rates, masses, spins, and mixing fractions, MNRAS, 511, 5797 (2022)
  • Maselli A., Franchini N., Gualtieri L., Sotiriou T. P., Barsanti S., Pani P., Detecting fundamental fields with LISA observations of gravitational waves from extreme mass-ratio inspirals, Nature Astron. 6, 464-470 (2022)
  • Mei A., Banerjee B., Oganesyan G., Salafia O. S., Giarratana S., Branchesi M., D'Avanzo P., Campana S., Ghirlanda G., Ronchini S., et al., Gigaelectronvolt emission from a compact binary merger, Nature 612, 236-239 (2022)
  • Pacilio C., Maselli A., Fasano M., Pani P., Ranking Love numbers for the neutron star equation of state: The need for third-generation detectors, Phys.Rev.Lett. 128, 101101 (2022)
  • Perego A., Vescovi D., Fiore A., Chiesa L., Vogl C., Benetti S., Bernuzzi S., Branchesi M., Cappellaro E., Cristallo S., Flörs A., Kerzendorf W., Radice D., Production of Very Light Elements and Strontium in the Early Ejecta of Neutron Star Mergers, The Astrophysical Journal, 925, 1, 22 (2022)
  • Perego A., Logoteta D., Radice D., Bernuzzi S., Kashyap R., Das A., Padamata S., Prakash A., Probing the Incompressibility of Nuclear Matter at Ultrahigh Density through the Prompt Collapse of Asymmetric Neutron Star Binaries, Physical Review Letters, 129, 3, 032701 (2022)
  • Pierini L., Gualtieri L., Quasinormal modes of rotating black holes in Einstein-Dilaton Gauss-Bonnet gravity: The second order in rotation, Physical Review D 106, 104009 (2022)


  • Bezares M., Crisostomi M., Palenzuela C., Barausse E., K-dynamics: well-posed 1+1 evolutions in K-essence, JCAP 03, 072 (2021)
  • Bezares M., ter Haar L., Crisostomi M., Barausse E., Palenzuela C., Kinetic screening in nonlinear stellar oscillations and gravitational collapse, Phys. Rev. D 104, 044022 (2021)
  • Breschi M., Perego A., Bernuzzi S., Del Pozzo W., Nedora V., Radice D., Vescovi D., AT2017gfo: Bayesian inference and model selection of multicomponent kilonovae and constraints on the neutron star equation of state, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 505, 2 (2021)
  • Costa G., Bressan A., Mapelli M., Marigo P., Spera M., Formation of GW190521 from stellar evolution: the impact of the hydrogen-rich envelope, dredge-up, and 12C(α, γ)16O rate on the pair-instability black hole mass gap, MNRAS, 501, 4514 (2021)
  • Cruz-Osorio A., Gimeno-Soler S., Font J. A., De Laurentis M., Mendoza S., Magnetized discs and photon rings around Yukawa-like black holes, Phys.Rev.D 103, 124009 (2021)
  • De Luca V., Desjacques V., Franciolini G., Pani P., Riotto A., The GW190521 Mass Gap Event and the Primordial Black Hole Scenario, Phys.Rev.Lett. 126, 051101 (2021)
  • Gerosa D., Fishbach M., Hierarchical mergers of stellar-mass black holes and their gravitational-wave signatures, Nature Astronomy 5, 749 (2021)
  • Moscibrodzka M., Janiuk A., De Laurentis M., Unraveling circular polarimetric images of magnetically arrested accretion flows near event horizon of a black hole, MNRAS, 508, 4282 (2021)
  • Pavan A., Ciolfi R., Kalinani Jay V., Mignone A., Short gamma-ray burst jet propagation in binary neutron star merger environments, MNRAS, 506, 3483 (2021)
  • Santoliquido F., Mapelli M., Giacobbo N., Bouffanais Y, Artale M. C., The cosmic merger rate density of compact objects: impact of star formation, metallicity, initial mass function, and binary evolution, MNRAS, 502, 4877 (2021)
  • Soldateschi, Bucciantini, Detectability of Continuous Gravitational Waves from Magnetically Deformed Neutron Stars, Galaxies 9, 101 (2021)
  • Soldateschi, Bucciantini, Del Zanna, Quasi-universality of the magnetic deformation of neutron stars in general relativity and beyond, A&A 654, A162 (2021)
  • ter Haar L., Bezares M., Crisostomi M., Barausse E., Palenzuela C., Dynamics of Screening in Modified Gravity, Phys. Rev. Lett. 126, 091102 (2021)
  • Volonteri M., Habouzit M., Colpi M., The origins of massive black holes, Nature Reviews Physics 3, 732 (2021)


  • Chiaramello D., Nagar A., Faithful analytical effective-one-body waveform model for spin-aligned, moderately eccentric, coalescing black hole binaries, Phys. Rev. D 101, 101501 (2020)
  • Cipolletta F., Kalinani J. V., Giacomazzo B., Ciolfi R., Spritz: a new fully general-relativistic magnetohydrodynamic code, Class. Quant. Grav. 37, 135010 (2020)
  • Maselli A., Franchini N., Gualtieri L., Sotiriou T. P. , Detecting scalar fields with extreme mass-ratio inspirals, Phys. Rev. Lett. 125, 141101 (2020)
  • Maselli A., Pani P., Gualtieri L., Berti E., Parametrized ringdowns spin expansion coefficients: a data-analysis framework for black-hole spectroscopy with multiple events, Phys. Rev. D 101, 024043 (2020)
  • Soldateschi, Bucciantini, Del Zanna, Axisymmetric equilibrium models for magnetised neutron stars in scalar-tensor theories, A&A 640, A44 (2020)
  • Tomei, Del Zanna, Bugli, Bucciantini, General relativistic magnetohydrodynamic dynamo in thick accretion discs: fully nonlinear simulations, MNRAS 491, 2346 (2020)


  • Barbieri C., Salafia O. S., Perego A., Colpi M., Ghirlanda G., Light-curve models of black hole - neutron star mergers: steps towards a multi-messenger parameter estimation, A&A 625, A152 (2019)
  • Bonetti M., Sesana A., Haardt F., Barausse E., Colpi M., Post-Newtonian evolution of massive black hole triplets in galactic Nuclei - IV. Implications for LISA, MNRAS 486, 4044 (2019)
  • Witek H., Gualtieri L., Pani P., Sotiriou T. P., Black holes and binary mergers in scalar Gauss-Bonnet gravity: scalar field dynamics, Phys. Rev. D 99, 064035 (2019)


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