A first principle approach to phenomenology with Lattice QCD









Dark matter, matter-antimatter asymmetry, and the smallness of neutrino masses provide experimental evidences of the existence of Physics Beyond the Standard Model.
Precision flavor physics is an especially powerful tool for exploring the limits of the Standard Model and for searching for evidence of the existence of New Physics. In this context, precise theoretical predictions can be compared with precision measurements with the aim of revealing the contributions of new physics particles through virtual quantum corrections.

In the hadronic sector of flavor physics, the interpretation of the more and more precise experimental measurements requires an equally accurate theoretical determination of the relevant hadronic parameters (such as decay constants and form factors) which enclose the non-perturbative effects of strong interactions. For these determinations, Lattice QCD is the main non-perturbative method of choice, being based only on first principles and systematically improvable to arbitrary precision.

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